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The General and the Horse-Lord - Sarah Black Loved this very mature m/m romance. I really was impressed by the realistic handling of the fact the one MC was married and had children while being in a long-term relationship with the man he loved. Both of the MCs were young in the 70s when being out was not much of an option, particularly for two men who loved their army careers. While some reviewers have complained about the cheating in the story, I find it very realistic and heart-breaking. The truth is that life isn't always a fairy tale and moral choices aren't always cut and dried. A lot of gay men have married either because they were trying to change or deny their own nature, or for family or societal pressure or even just because we all make rash mistakes. Both men were honorable and did the best they could given their own filters and circumstances.

This is a very entertaining read but also intelligent and thought provoking.