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Omorphi - C. Kennedy I can hardly believe I read this book -- at 750 pages, it's WAY longer than I normally prefer. But I was intrigued by the blurb and the cover and the reviews, so I went for it.

Overall, the book kept me engaged and I really liked the MCs and the hurt/comfort romance plotline. I enjoyed the femininity of Christy's character and how Michael accepted that (I'm also a huge fan of Andrej Pejic!) The UST and sexual elements were nicely done. I liked the friends at school -- Jake and Lisa etc. For the fact that is kept me reading for 750 pages (miracle!) I give this book, and promising author, 4 stars.

I think the book could have used stronger editorial guidance. It did not need to be so long and there were many repetitive plot elements that were hard to swallow--as others have mentioned, the sheer incompetence of the police and security allowing the violent antagonists to escape so they could attack again and again. I also felt there were *too many* enemies, all seemingly unrelated. The amount of violent homophobia in this story was a bit extreme.

That being said, I did enjoy the romance plot a lot and the drama kept me reading despite the above issues. I am looking forward to seeing what C. Kennedy does in the future!