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Better Than Good - Lane Hayes This is a nice, solid romance. Danny is a gorgeous out-and-proud man and Matt is a law student who might be bi, but he's always dated women. They meet in a gay club and it's instant chemistry for Matt.

I liked how strong Danny was--he wasn't willing to be Matt's dirty little secret. Most of the plot comes from Matt trying to come to terms with being in a relationship with a man. The romance is good, but I would have liked to have seen more of the 'hard stuff' at the end -- like Matt acknowledging Danny in front of the ex-girlfriend, how he tells his family, etc. As in a number of these types of books, it seems to end just when the closeted MC makes the decision to come out, but doesn't tackle the more challenging territory of actually portraying that. We do see Matt tell his roommates, but not with Danny present and the roommates just accepted it without much drama.. By that point, I really wanted to see a scene where Matt stood up and acknowledged Danny (with Danny by his side) in front of the people that mattered!

Still,this is a good gfy romance with lots of romantic and sexy stuff. Recommended.