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Point of No Return - N.R. Walker I read N.R. Walker's "Blind Faith" some time ago and loved it. This book was out of print for a while and then was sitting on my TBR list. Based on some reviews, I didn't anticipate that I would love it as much as I'd hoped when I bought it.

I was wrong. I really did love this book. The last 30% especially was very exciting and dramatic. But yes--love the prose voice, the characters, the story, and I particularly like N.R.'s way of writing sex scenes. They aren't very long or explicit, more poetic and emotional and high-level on the '...and then he took me' sort of side (vs detailing each moment of that act). Having read so much explicit sex in m/m romances lately all tends to sound the same, this was refreshing and still 'enough' to feel like a payoff.

N.R. Walker is definitely staying high on my must buy list.