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An Unlocked Heart - K.C. Wells I enjoyed reading this. It almost felt like 2 different books--the first part where Alex is a shy waiter and Leo courts him in a more or less standard fashion, and the second part which is fairly hard-core BDSM.

I liked the characters--I'm always a sucker for a pretty, young, shy MC. And I was really looking forward to the payoff on the minor family angst. I was looking forward to Leo finally kicking Alex's family's ass because they were such douchebags. That didn't play out quite as satisfyingly as it might of, since Alex's brother never got his comeuppance, but it was still good.

I thought I wouldn't enjoy the BDSM stuff as much as the romance, because I'm not much of a BDSM reader, but I did like it. If there's going to be BDSM, please, dear writer, make it something that isn't about one character being dominated and treated like a child 24/7 and please convince me that the submissive really loves it. K.C. did that. It was pretty hot stuff.

A good 4 star read for me.