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Love, Like Water - Rowan Speedwell I really enjoyed this hurt/comfort cowboy story. I love stories that play with the healing power of nature and animals and, well, damn good men. All the characters in the story were well-drawn including Uncatuck and Sarafina. Eli was a wonderful, patient, strong and macho MC and I loved the romance. The writing was very good.

The only thing that takes this from a 5 star to a 4 star for me was the last quarter or so of the book. The third time Joshua runs away was just one time too many for me. I ended up skimming through the part where Joshua goes back to work for the FBI and leaves Eli first alone in rehab and then at the ranch after Eli was so badly hurt. Felt really self-indulgent of him, and all that extra angst didn't add anything new to the love story..

Still--a great read and recommended. Thank you, Rowan! I'm looking forward to the sequel (hopefully) involving Jesse.