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The Truth about Riley - Henrietta Clarke I love romances with a disabled/underdog character and I bought this on the basis of the blurb alone (though the cover is very nice too). I love the plot concept(a guy with burn scars gets in a relationship over the phone with a guy and is afraid to meet him) and both characters were compelling and likable. The additional characters, such as Riley's mom, were good too.

The story was, however, too long. There were many phone conversations between the two that weren't very interesting and didn't advance the plot in any way. And playing Monopoly is boring enough in real life, much less to read about 2 guys playing it over the phone. ;-) The story would have benefited from being tightened by cutting about 100 of the 300-some pages.

However, I did find myself compelled to keep reading because I wanted to finally see Riley give in and meet Cameron. I loved the movie scene (very touching) and the birthday night. The ending was very satisfying. So if you like stories with this trope, and aren't an impatient reader, you'll probably enjoy this book.