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Touch Me Gently - J.R. Loveless I did enjoy reading this story, despite a few key writing issues.

* I loved the hurt/comfort aspect of this, the idea of the smaller, sweeter, damaged character being 'healed' by the big, good-hearted cowboy
* I'm always a sucker for the ranch/horses setting
* The relationship built slowly, there was plenty of UST and the sex, when it occurred, was hot
* I didn't mind the darkness of Kaden's past as it certainly lead to that great hurt/comfort vibe.

* The author changes POV often from paragraph to paragraph without warning. And there were a number of POVs shown that just should't have been. Do we need to switch to the doctor's POV for one paragraph to relate how 'sorry' he was to have to give people bad news? Isn't that a given?
* The entire part of the book where Kaden goes into the hospital and is nearly incapacitated was just too much additional angst too late. After all the woes heaped on this poor character previously, that was just unnecessary and dragged the book out without adding anything new to the characterizations or romance.

Despite the issues above I did enjoy the story and recommend it if you're big on hurt/comfort and like cowboys.