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Untouched - Anna Campbell This was a DNF for me. It's a LONG book (500 pages) and the first 200+ pages are one thwarted sex scene after another. I like a slow build and UST, but when an author plays the 'I'm almost there... but not' card over and over and over, and that's pretty much the plot content, it just smacks of authorial blue balling. It felt so unrealistic that these characters would continue to resist even after kissing and/or being naked together, for what were ultimately flimsy reasons (those reasons crumpled well enough as soon as the author decided to stop the torture). And then when sex finally occurs, the female char gets all huffy and dissatisfied by it (yes, the author did turn that around, but I still wanted to smack the girl. After all the drawn-out wait it ruined the scene for me). I gave up after that. There wasn't enough of the witty, sparkling dialogue I enjoy in good regencies to force me to put up with these characters.

I may try more Anna Campbell based on reviews as this one may have just hit my buttons. I really hate to leave a negative review, but I can see there are plenty of good ones here to not discourage any reader and, well, I was frustrated enough by this book to voice my opinion.

I prefer shorter books these days and ones that get to the point a lot sooner.