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Organic Chemistry - Andrew  Grey Andrew Grey is an incredibly prolific m/m romance author. This novella came out last week, and I loved the blurb, so I picked it up right away.

One of the main characters is a young chemistry professor at a university and the other is a newly hired assistant football coach. I have a soft spot for geeky, virginal characters and Brandon was all that and then some. A genius who got his doctorate at 21, and has basically no social skills, Brandon has never really had friends and has no idea how to act around people without looking up social pointers on the internet. Josh, a big, kind-hearted athlete, thinks Brandon is dorkily adorable and has infinite patience in getting him through the confusing pitfalls of dating.

I loved both characters and the romance was simply charming. The requisite “angst sub-plot” with the department head was just enough to add a little tension but not so much that it detracted. I liked the length too–about 150 pages on my ipad. Enough to be satisfying but never a slog.

5 stars from me

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