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The Rebuilding Year - Kaje Harper This was a two-way GFY (Gay For You) story. One MC, John, is divorced and has never been with anyone besides his ex-wife before, but he falls for a man. The other MC, Ryan, is a long-standing skirt chaser who'd never had a serious relationship with a woman. They becomes friends, roommates, and then lovers.

I always enjoy a good GFY story, seeing how a writer deals with a person overcoming their mental biases to accept a gay relationship. Plus it adds to the UST if there's the obstacle of acceptance coming between the two characters. This story was well-written and plotted and, while perhaps not at the tip top of my GFY favorites, or offering anything particularly new, it's a good, solid read. I enjoyed the inclusion of the kids in the story. The little mystery sub-plot was interested and added a nice little extra twis.

One nit: The reaction of the ex-wife and her husband was quite over the top. They live in L.A. and yet had a stone age attitude towards the idea of a gay couple.