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Catch a Ghost
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Zombie Boyz
T.J. Klune, Eric Arvin, Ethan Stone, Daniel A. Kaine, Ethan Day, Geoffrey Knight
Winter Heat: Erotic Stories to Warm Your Life
Sara York, A.J. Llewellyn, Serena Yates, T.A. Webb, Julie Lynn Hayes, C.R. Guiliano, Patricia Logan, Ike Rose, Donya Lynne, Kimber Kahn, Daniel B. Johns
Steamed Up
Amy Rae Durreson, Eli Easton, Bell Ellis, Kim Fielding, Anka Grace, R.D. Hero, Mark Lesney, Augusta Li, Mary Pletsch, Angelia Sparrow, Layla M. Wier
Snow on the Roof - Layla M. Wier, Dottie Stratton, Pinkie Rae Parker, Rhidian Brenig Jones, Amy Rae Durreson, Mari Donne, Tray Ellis, A.C.  Valentine, Chris Scully, John Inman, Maggie Lee, Kim Fielding, J. Leigh Bailey, Sam C. Leonhard, Linda James, Laylah Hunter I've read through the entire anthology, and I give it a 4 stars as a whole. There are some stories worth catching in this.

My favorite so far is the last story, "Granddad's Cup of Tea" by Any Rae Durreson, which is more or less a GFY story. Ewan is a widower who lives with his daughter and grandkids. He takes on a grandson's ditched paper route and becomes curious about an older man, Alex, who lives alone in the house on the hill. He learns through the town's grapevine that the man's 'brother' recently died, but everyone in town knew they were actually a couple. These two solitary men strike up a friendship and eventually form a relationship. I wouldn't have thought I'd be interested in a romance about two men this age, but it was really very sweet and even a little sexy. I admired the resolve with which Ewan, who'd lived his entire life as a straight man, decides to just be open about his interest in another man. And I loved the wonder Alex experienced at being "out" in public for the first time in his life after having been in a long-term closeted relationship.

I've also enjoyed "Hunting Season" by AC Valentine. The plot is 'big city boy retires to the country and falls for hunky handyman,' which, strangely, I've read a few of lately. It was fun and sweet and it worked for me. Maybe I have a handyman kink?

"Loving Again" by John Inman was a good read. Charlie's long-time partner just recently died. Charlie is deeply grieving, but he finds a note from his partner asking him to love again, and specifically picking out his next partner. The jump into the next relationship was very fast, but the author worked in enough anger and mixed feelings to make it work. It was sweet and effective.

Curtain Calls by Pinkie Rae Parker is about an older lion of the theatre who resents, and then decides to coach, a bashful young actor. It was well-written and very evocative of the London stage, which I love.

Waiting for the Light by Layla M. Wier. In this story, a man who's lost his male partner attends a spouse survivor group and meets another man who has lost his wife. They're immediately draw to each other and become friends, but the gay man is afraid to tell the other that his lost spouse was male for fear of losing the friendship. There wasn't anything particularly extraordinary about this plot, but it was a sweet story and I really enjoyed it.

Overall, I'm surprised that I like this anthology as much as I did as I'm not generally interested in romances set in the senior years (not all of these were, but some of the ones I really liked were with seniors). The other stories in the book were all fine and I enjoyed reading them, they just didn't seem particularly memorable.