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Handyman - Claire Thompson This was one of the best GYF romances I've read. The 'straight' MC, Jack, was widowed a few years before this story begins. His wife was the only person he'd ever been with sexually and she was very hung-up on sex (no oral sex, etc). I loved the way the author took this character on such a slow but inexorable journey to realize, not only that he could be attracted to a man, but what good sex is really like. It was like someone who'd been blind all their lives suddenly gaining sight (OK, so that might not be a fair analogy but you get the general idea).

The UST was smoking, the sex scenes made you feel you were there experiencing the amazement that Jack felt. I enjoyed the little melodrama with the sons. I suppose it was a bit difficult to quite see what Will, the younger gay man, saw in Jack exactly, but I was willing to buy it for the sake of the story.

Good stuff!