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Hard Tail - J.L. Merrow This contemporary m/m romance was pitch perfect. Great writing, lots of wit and humor, and a romance arc that was just right. I liked both the MCs: Matt, the lovable klutz and Tim, the responsible older brother who had never let himself admit he was gay. The karate sub-plot was a little predictable in outcome, but it worked for me. The first person narrative was deftly handled.

I particularly liked the development of the romance. Sometimes if the MCs get together too early in the story it loses momentum for me, as I'm a sucker for UST and that 'when will they' tension. In this case, the UST was carried forward nicely through most of the book with the 'get together' happening towards the end. The 'fall out' was handled well but briefly. Like I said, perfect for me.

I'm a fan of J.L. Merrow's humorous m/m short stories and this was the first one of her longer works that I read in that same vein. I enjoyed it more than I did "Muscling Through", which was the only other longer work by her that I've read, and it was (intentionally) not as lighthearted and funny. I look forward to more of her longer, humorous novels and novellas.

ETA: I forgot to mention: YES! to the Sherlock shirt. ;-)