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Wild Raspberries - Jane Davitt I quite enjoyed this book. Runaway youth gets taken in by a reclusive man who lives in a remote cabin. It's not the first such story I've read (Amy Lane's "Sidecar" and R.J. Scott's "The Christmas Throwaway" come to mind) but it was a good one. I enjoyed both characters and the arc of their relationship.

I had a few nits. The kind of naivety Dan showed, and how he was abused on the road, seemed more like something you'd expect from a 16 year old, not a 20 year old. He never talked about wanting to go to college or any plans he might have had before leaving home, yet he had to have been thinking about that at his age. And the first sexual encounter had a rather unbelievably 'magnanimous' justification on Tyler's part. The book might have been stronger if Tyler had held out a little longer and we'd seen him resist temptation.

Nevertheless, I devoured this in one setting and liked it a great deal. I particularly liked how Tyler *did* resist admitting to any emotional attachment and also the two 'chase' sequences (don't we all wish someone would come after us like that?). Recommended.