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Snow Balls - Tara Lain This is my second book in the Balls to the Wall series. I rated Fire Balls 5 stars, and this one I didn't like quite as well, but it was still really fun. It was nice getting a glimpse of Rodney in this book (the MC of Fire Balls)--he's a fantastic character.

Tara Lain has a witty, natural prose voice. I found myself underlining many passages that were a hoot. for example:

"He went back to the display, trying hard to look manly while positioning dolls in a snow scene."
"'The cop The one I told you about. Oh my God of CSI, he wants me to come to the police station..."
"'You look like someone who might be athletic.' And JJ wanted to be an athletic supporter."
"He'd passed up the twins for a bit of law enforcement, and his cock wanted to testify."

Maybe we just share the same sense of humor, but she always cracks me up. For that alone I rate the book 4 stars. I also like that these books aren't super long but still very much a full plot.

As for the romance in this one--I liked the character of JJ a lot, and the trope that he was trying to be manly worked well. I had less of a grasp on Ryan and didn't find him very sympathetic. He was was a little too tough and straight-up for me. The romance arc was fine--though it was a little deus ex machina at the end. Overall a fun read.