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Clear Water - Amy Lane 5 stars and then some!. This goes right to the top 2-3 best contemporary m/m romances I've ever read and is my new favorite Amy Lane book. She got everything right on this one!

I love flawed MCs and Patrick's ADHD was really cute (okay, the way she described it--spaz and 'rabbity') and interesting. It gave me all sorts of warm and fuzzies the way no one in Patrick's life could deal with, or had sympathy for, his nature but when he meets MC#2, Whiskey, Whiskey knows just how to handle him and sees how special he is.

The writing was exceptional, even for Ms. Lane, with a lot of humor. All the side characters were very rich -- Fly bait, Loretta, the sleezebag Cal, Patrick's father. The secondary plot of the environmental damage/frogs was interesting. And, of course, the romance arc was lovely and very nicely paced. Sex was not the focus of the book, but the sex scenes were very in character and 'special'.

I put off this book for a while because it's a full-length novel, over 300 pages on my iPad. But I couldn't put it down and finished it in one evening. Highly recommended.