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Caught Running - Abigail Roux;Madeleine Urban I knew this would be a very solid book based on its appearance on many m/m romance lists and its star ranking, so I finally got around to reading it. Here're my thoughts:

It is, indeed, a very solidly good-to-great gay romance. It's quite long and does an excellent job of fully exploring the two male MCs, both of which are very likable, and the high school universe they inhabit. There are a number of side characters that are very well-drawn. The arc of the romance is good--from initial dislike/ignorance of each other to being thrown together to a slowly building attraction to ignition and finally love. It's not insta-love but it does have a strong sense of intense attraction/compatibility (which I like). The sex was good, if a bit overwrought at times (how many times can you describe both MCs as 'shaking', 'best ever' etc).

I enjoyed the theme/setting of the book--the two coach characters and the high school baseball team--more than I thought I would. For some reason, the fact that Brandon was a runner made him very attractive to me. I was a bit worried that the drugs thing would become a big angst point and it didn't. In fact, there wasn't a lot of angst at all, which is fine with me as I'm not a fan of it. Love the bff's reaction at the end.

I would have given the book 5 stars but I dinged it one for a couple of reasons. First, the formatting is poor on the Kindle mobi edition. While there are 12 chapter headings/breaks there were visibly no other breaks in the text, so from paragraph to paragraph it might switch the scene/time jarringly. If you are charging for ebooks there's no excuse for bad formatting. At the very least leave a little white space to indicate a shift to the next day in school or whatever.

The second big thing that is present throughout the text is POV shifts between the two MCs, many times literally paragraph by paragraph by paragraph. "Brandon felt the hands on his body..." next paragraph, "Jake was thinking..." and on like that for 4 or 5 pages. I consider this style of overdone constantly shifting POV to be a very amateurish writing style. Pick a POV in a scene and go with it, or at most switch once or twice halfway through and then fill in what the other MC is feeling, but don't do it 30 times during the course of one scene. A writer should be able to make it clear to the reader what a character is feeling without having to resort of the crutch of constant stream of consciousness. So, yeah, that's the way I feel about that.

Nevertheless, definitely recommended.