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Anything for You

Anything for You - Ethan Day This is my first Ethan Day story, and it's been on my TBR pile for a while now. As I expected from the reviews of others, the writing is very good and there's lots of funny, LOL lines. I also liked the fact that the book was not overly long and puffed out with filler. It's around 130 pages on my iPad.

I didn't rank this higher because the main angst/contention in the story drove me a bit nuts. Jason is a man who has never come out of the closet, despite having many gay friends who are out and having a sister who is gay. Even though it's clear that both his family and his workplace would be accepting, he just doesn't have the guts to say it. So 70% of the book is, 'I know I should just come out but I can't do it.' or 'I love Chad and I'm going to lose him, but I just can't say those words I'm gay.' After a while, I just wanted to smack him upside the head.

Having said that, I love writers who can mix humor into a good, sexy romance. So I will definitely be checking out more of Mr. Day's work.