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All Stirred Up (Stir #2)

All Stirred Up - Z.A. Maxfield 3.5 stars (rounded up). I really love Z.A. Maxfield, particularly her Crossing Borders and Family Unit books. So I decided to give this one a try. There are trademark moments of her ridiculously clever writing here -- dialogue lines and passages that I had to highlight because they were just so damn funny.

For example:
"You're barely done watching Sesame Street. This?" Brendan indicated the boy's clothing... "Is brought to you by the letter F and the preposition off, which I advise you to do forthwith."

Or (after making out in a Walmart dressing room and nearly getting thrown in jail for it)
"This was a breach of ethics, a violation of any number of laws, and a lousy, rotten idea."

Dirk flipped the lid and drizzled some of the viscous liquid onto his dick. "How much preparation do you need?"
Brendan rolled his eyes. "How about you say, 'Brace yourself'?"

I dunno. She just has a way with words that makes me laugh.

However, I didn't find the plot in this book that interesting. A big wig CEO with PTSD after an accident is traveling to a detox spa and falls for his doctor along the way. The trip part was cute, but the spa section was rather boring (albeit short), and I just wasn't that interested in the PTSD/recovery plotline overall. This felt like an earlier book of hers, not quite hitting her stride yet. Still, it's a good read if you enjoy K.A. Maxfield.