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Epiphany - J.L. Merrow Wow, this is a very short story but it just moved to the top of my favorite J.L. Merrow stories, which is saying a lot. Writing in first person can be tricky, and I rate this story a good 5.5 stars for the first person voice alone. The narrator, Vinnie, is a Manhattanite who is none too cultured or refined and he's absolutely hilarious. Something like Rocky Balboa meets gay erotica. Hell, it works.

Sample quote:
"I call his boyfriend a fucking gorilla and he calls me Baldilocks, but it's kinda affectionate-like. I'm not bald, anyhow, I just got tired of figuring out where to stop when I shave."

I could go on quoting funny stuff, but I think that's called copyright infringement when it's everyone sentence.

Thanks for the laugh, Ms. Merrow! I highly recommend this one to anyone who likes some humor with their m/m romance.