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Tales from Foster High (Tales from Foster High, #1-3)

Tales from Foster High (Tales from Foster High, #1-3) - John  Goode I'm giving this book 4 stars for good writing even though it wasn't really that great a read for me. I like m/m romances that are at least 70-80% romance, and this book is more like 30% romance and 70% angst. The reactions when the two MCs came out was really brutal with both characters getting physically beaten, bullied and ostracized. I'm sure it was realistic, but I prefer to read more upbeat books. It was very well-written so I can't fault the author for my own tastes. If you want to read a book about the horrors of gay-bashing, and two great, tough kids who stand up to it, this book is for you. For myself, I would have liked to have seen more alone time and positive scenes between Kyle and Brad. I'd not really put this in the gay romance category, actually - more like a coming out /coming of age story.