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Batteries Not Included

Batteries Not Included - J.L. Merrow This is definitely a story that is completely creative and not meant to be taken literally,as some of the reviewers seem to have done. I love that J.L. Merrow comes up with such interesting ideas for stories--hers are not the standard in-love-with-my-roommate stories, though if she did that one I'm sure it would have a wicked twist. As always, her brilliant sense of humor shines through.

This is my third story in a day that I've read from her and I think I may have found my new favorite author. As usual, I was underlining clever passages like mad and laughing out loud. The premise of this story, a 'gift' from the MC's witchy mother that turns real, is unique and expertly handled. I loved the character of Lilith--she was funny but kept mysterious enough that you believed she could do what she did. There were many wonderful touches, such as the tattoo on Shane, the implication that Sam might have had an interesting origin as well, the way Shane was actually better than the original pop star...

I wish someone could give me a gift like that! Another strong one from J.L.