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By the Creek - Geoff Laughton This has been on my TBR pile for awhile. I needed a romantic, boy-meets-boy story without cops, mob bosses or too much angst--this really hit the spot! It's a gentle story about a boy who moves to the country and falls for an Amish boy he sees at a swimming hole.

The author's research on the Amish felt pretty solid and I liked that the romance is of a soul-mates kind that overcomes all odds (though I would not call it insta-love). I would have liked a little more intimacy in the book because it was a big deal to both boys, being their first time with anyone. I have a feeling Geoff Laughton aka Andrew Grey held back on sex because it's a YA, but I have seen YAs with much more, and I think it would have worked well in this story.

In any case -- 5 stars from me! Thank you, Andrew.