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Nowhere Ranch - Heidi Cullinan This book is a bit of an odd beast in that it starts out VERY VERY kinky. As in rough stranger sex with lots of ass play, talk of fisting etc. And through the first maybe 40% of this story, the sex is hard core like that (even a 'pony play' scene, which I have never read in a book ever before in my life). But then the story becomes very relationship-y and sweet and more like a traditional romance. I'm not sure the transition 100% worked for me in that it felt a little like the author did a 45 degree turn at some point and one story became a different story, from hard core kinky to a very sweet, family-oriented, fade-to-black-at-the-sex-bits one.

That being said, I adored Heidi's writing and I really enjoyed reading the entire book, though the relationship stuff, the last 60%, was by far my favorite. So yummy and good was that part, indeed, that I wholeheartedly give this book a 5. Am I out of Heidi Cullinan books to read now? Write faster, please! ;-)