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Knitter in His Natural Habitat - Amy Lane I just read 3 of Amy Lane's knitting series books (The Winter Courtship Rituals of Fur-Bearing Critters, How to Raise an Honest Rabbit and this one). I enjoyed these books tremendously, and I must say, this is the Amy Lane that I adore! No vampires or alternative universes, no heavy heavy angst, just astonishingly delightful quirky contemporaries with brilliantly-colored characters, beautiful prose and sweetness that can damn well kill you.

As a writer myself, I'm just in awe at Amy's turns of phrase, the natural, easy yet wise patter of her prose. I highlight a bunch in her books just because I love the language. Here's one from this book:

"She cut her graying hair short and didn't wear make-up and didn't do battle with time so much as just turn her back on the bitch and go about her business."

Love it. I also can't say enough about the characters in this series. I loved Jeremy and Johnny even though they had a rotten past, Adrian and Craw were solid like rock, and Stanley was hilarious.

Other than "Clear Water", which has been in my top 5 for some time, I think these are my favorite Amy Lane books. Thank you, dearest author!