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Blind Faith (Blind Faith #1) - N.R. Walker This book was perfect! I enjoy good stories with a disabled MC, simply because I love a good underdog character who triumphs in the end. In this case, one MC is blind and has never had a relationship, or sex beyond a few kisses, with anyone. I found the development of how he learned to accept and embrace the attraction that his gay vet had for him to be really well done.

Overall, this is a textbook good m/m romance. The writing was good to excellent. The relationship developed over time with a lot of scenes that showed how the characters got along and built up a plausible relationship--no insta-love. The side characters were fun (especially the horndog Mark--I wonder if we'll see him star in his own romance). I'm a sucker for dogs and I adored the sub-plot with Brandy the guide dog. Neither MC was a push-over and the can-be-an-ass Isaac didn't just change his stripes overnight, as happens in so many books. The sex was there but not too explicit.

For me this goes up to the top of my favorites piles along with Shattered Glass and Hot Head, Tere Michaels and Amy Lane. I'll be looking for more from this author.