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The Zero Knot - K.Z. Snow 3.5 stars. I admire K.Z. Snow's writing ability and this book is certainly well-written. I liked both the MCs and Jess' family was well drawn.

I had to push myself through the book, though, because the plot line was not so much my thing. The two MCs are long-time gay friends just out of high school. They get together early on in the story and then there's essentially a lot of angst that keeps them apart through most of the book. The angst is both internally generated (misunderstandings, I don't want to be hurt, etc) and then externally generated by a third party.

Not being much of a fan of angst, this story structure is just not my favorite. I prefer a slower build up of attraction and UST and some fun between the MCs. But I really can't fault the book for my own tastes in romance. If you like a lot of coming-of-age angst and mental wrangling, this book is a good choice.